Trainee Scheme : Broking / Operations / Analysis

  • Clarksons Platou
  • London, UK
  • 03 Dec, 2018
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Job Description


Whether you have previous shipping experience, studied for a maritime qualification or have no prior exposure to shipbroking, we will provide you with the initial development necessary to become a successful broker. You will gain a valuable insight into our core shipping divisions including Tankers, Dry Cargo and Sale and Purchase. Mentoring is central to the programme and you will shadow experienced brokers in each division to ensure that you develop a thorough understanding of various markets. 

What we look for:

We are not necessarily looking for candidates with the right set of technical skills and years of experience under their belt. We want to hire candidates who also have something unique to offer - like a great personality or a strong set of soft skills.  

In fact, we put more emphasis on intangible qualities that are not always easy to specify. Though the specific personality traits that we are looking for are completely subjective, candidates need to demonstrate that they possess the common characteristics of successful shipbrokers. Therefore, we are looking for candidates who have great communication skills and are great team players with an ability to "think on their feet". Drive, initiative and ambition are more important than anything else. Candidates cannot expect to be effective and successful in shipbroking unless they truly believe in the services that we provide.

To figure out if candidates possess the soft skills or personality fit that we are looking for, our interview process is designed to bring out the honesty in people. With all of the creative ways that candidates can approach our interview process, we are looking for candidates who can come up with original answers that will impress us. Candidates will need the right mix of research, preparation and honesty. Candidates must steer clear of cliched and disingenuous answers when applying to our programme. For example, candidates should not tell us that they are a workaholic if they actually hate staying past office hours. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to our interview process. Candidates do not have to be experts in shipping. Candidates have a passing moment to make a positive and important impression on us when they apply to our programme.  

Our business is all about our clients, period. Everything we do is client focused.  Our clients seek an expert to help them during complex negotiations and transactions. Therefore, it stands to reason that the more you become known for your expertise, the more clients we will want to work with you.  

There is no such thing as a typical shipbroker. Shipbroking requires a combination of many skills and qualities. The ability to negotiate effectively is unquestionably a skill that every shipbroker must make every effort to master. Above all, the key to being a shipbroker lies in the ability to learn from others. Candidates must be able to demonstrate that they benefit from being a member of a team where they can learn best practice.  

Of course, self-motivation and determination are paramount. This is why we only want to hear from candidates who have the drive to keep going and see things through.