Apprentice Project Manager

  • London, UK
  • 22 Jun, 2018
Degree Apprenticeship Management

Job Description

The Capital Apprenticeship Academy offers a unique apprenticeship experience – where you will get to work on high-value high-profile projects while working in both the public and private sector through a series of rotations. You will gain unique experience of working for the client, consultant and contractor in construction management and project delivery. You will be a civil servant in the ESFA, with a guaranteed permanent job when you successfully complete your apprenticeship.

The Project Management Apprenticeship will start on 17 September 2018. You will work towards a project management degree over 4-5 years, with an additional period to allow you to complete your studies and successfully apply for membership of a chartered professional institution.

Key responsibilities:

The role will involve working with colleagues across the group and department and will include:

•Rotation between posts and assignments in ESFA Capital, building your operational delivery, project management and commercial experience as you work with different teams.
•Undertaking a 12-month rotation with the ESFA’s partner company AECOM and an external company, exposing you to work in the differing roles of client, consultant and contractor in the construction industry.
•Working towards a BSc Construction Management degree over the course of the four-year apprenticeship programme, with dedicated study days provided and access to a range of online and blended learning tools.