The impact of the Bank of England’s work is uniquely far-reaching. As the country’s central bank, they promote the good of the people of the UK by maintaining monetary and financial stability. The work they do, and the decisions they make, influences the daily lives of millions of people.

The Bank’s primary role hasn’t changed for over 320 years. But the range of work they do, and the ways in which they deliver it, is changing all the time. Today it’s changing quicker than ever before. And their apprentices are a key part of this progress.

Despite the nature of the Bank’s work, economics is not the only way in. They welcome students from all subjects, because quality of thinking is what counts here. Their culture is open and collaborative, where ideas are shared freely and people at every level are empowered to speak up. It is refreshingly diverse too. The Bank looks for people from all backgrounds, and individual perspectives are embraced. Successful applicants will find a wide range of societies, clubs and employee networks open to them.

Wherever they work – from Operations and Technology to Data Science – they’ll take on complex work that they can be proud of. They’ll tackle projects that support, shape and challenge the biggest ideas in the economy. And the work apprentices do will benefit every single person in the UK.

As training is at the heart of the Bank’s programme, they’ll be able to grow into a real expert in their field. Equally, the support is there to explore other parts of the Bank if they wish. There are many and varied pathways available. For students keen to broaden their horizons, they’ll have every opportunity to define their own future as the Bank itself moves forward.



72 UCAS Points (2017 Tariff System).



We know that application processes can be a little daunting at first, and we want to make sure you’re ready to perform to your best. So we have put together some useful hints and tips about how to do well from the initial application form all the way through to our assessment centres. You’ll find it all on our advice page. We believe our programmes are focused on students at different points in their academic life and so are not expecting applicants to apply for more than one programme. To that end, your first application will be accepted and any duplicates will be rejected.