We are a distinctive London-based law firm, focused on our clients and delivering excellence in the international legal market. We offer a combination of both high-end corporate and private client legal work which is unique in the London market.

We’ve made a deliberate choice to remain smaller than many of our peers. The tight-knit, cohesive nature of our firm means clients benefit from our collective experience. We talk to one another. We’ve kept things simple. We’ve decided against growth at the expense of quality, against size at the expense of efficiency and agility. So whilst we’re large enough to advise on the most complex matters, we’re also small enough to ensure that our people and our work are exceptional, without fail.

At the core of our approach to the paralegal apprenticeship programme is to give apprentices an opportunity to begin a legal career at a highly respected City law firm. There are excellent prospects and a real opportunity for ambitious apprentices to develop and work for high-profile clients on complex and rewarding transactions.